4K streaming through ULTRA FLIX is here

If you have been yearning for more clarity in streamed media, you should have a reason to smile. Vizio and Sony have announced that UltraFlix streaming 4K video app will be included their 2014 Ultra HD (UHD) TVs. This means that 4K streaming will become more than just a couple of titles on Sony or Netflix movies downloaded to a media server.

Since there will be no 4K content on satellite or cable n the foreseeable future, this content will most likely be streamed. That is the main reason behind Vizio’s strategy to include UltraFlix in its P-Series Ultra HD TVs. These Vizio P-Series UHD TVs have everything that is needed to stream 4K directly to the TV. They include the HEVC H.265 decoder which is required to stream 4K video. The Vizio P-Series UHD TVs also have HDCP 2.2 support. This is very important when it comes to playing copyright-protected 4K rented and purchased TV shows and films.

The P-Series Ultra HD TVs feature 802.11ac dual band wireless because 4K requires both fast connections from router to the TV and fast internet speeds. Vizio TVs will take advantage of the fast speeds just in time to stream data-heavy 4K video. The 2014 Sony’s UHD TVs, just like the Vizio TVs, incorporate an HEVC decoder that is able to display 4K/60p content streamed directly to the TV. Sony boasts of having the fastest playback in the industry when it comes to streaming 4K content.

Netflix is at the forefront of delivering the 4K Ultra HD streaming experience to Vizio P-Series consumers. In fact Netflix streaming is becoming the primary way for consumers to watch Ultra HD TV shows or movies.

As of now, Netflix 4K content is only limited to a few titles, but adding the UltaFlix app to the Vizio Internet Apps Plus smart TV line up and the Sony Smart TVs will avail hundreds more streaming 4K titles.

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