TV Installation Houston brings you the best in quality in all of our Speaker Surround Sound Installations indoor and outdoor, Swimming Pool side or Patio.

7.1- Speaker System Install This package includes:

7 speaker 1 sub woofer connection to your your home theater. It will include any install to your wall or ceiling in your home, or theater area. It will also include a sub woofer connection. That concludes the six speaker connection to your theater area.. The install is a basic connection which means that the wiring is already installed. Our installers would just come and cut out the dry wall and install the speakers. As shown in the diagram. Extra charges may be charged if customers request any up grade’s, add on’s, or custom builds.

-Neatly dress exposed wires

-Program the basic functions of manufacturer-supplied remotes

-Ensure all equipment works properly and demonstrate how to use

-Set up speakers, receiver and/or subwoofer in 1 room

-Mount 7 speakers on wall, in wall or in ceiling

-Conceal exposed speaker wires

-Connect up to 7 components in 1 room ( DVD player, Cable, Gaming System)

-Drill access holes as needed for wiring within cabinets

-Ensure that all wall-fished cable exit points are finished off with either a wall bushing or specialized wall plate.

The Following are NOT Included With This Service:

-Programming of universal-type learning remote

-Other holes drilled, wires hidden within walls or any type of custom in-wall wiring (beyond the concealed wiring for 5 mounted speakers described above)

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