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Need help getting your flat-panel LCD, LED, 3D, or Plasma tv installation above fireplace? Is it Brick, Stone, Rock, Aluminum, Metal, Fiber Glass, Glass, Drywall ?
No problem. Just let TV Installation of Houston take care of everything. TV installation above fireplace can be a very difficult home project so let Plasma LCD n Parts and Installation, mount your TV above your fireplace. Let us simplify your above fireplace mount today just call for a estimate | quote. 713-858-4108

– Site survey and inspection of TV & Accessories
– Professionally evaluate Installation and TV placement
– Secure your flat-panel TV to the bracket
– Mount your flat panel TV on the wall
– Connect your A/V components to your TV (such as DVD, Cable, Satellite Receiver, etc)
– Conceal A/V cables in the wall, clean look
– Consolidate remotes (if possible)
– Program TV for screen size / HD format
– Clean up work area
– Customer Training
– All Installations are 100% Bonded and Insured

When considering if you should or shouldn’t install your television above the fireplace you need to consider several aspects of the installation.
Here is a step buy step guide to help you with you answer the question.. “should I install a flat panel LCD TV or plasma television above
the fireplace?” or “is it safe to install a flat panel Plasma TV or LCD TV above my fireplace?”

1.) Ask yourself the question do you ever use or are planning the use the fireplace ever again?
If your answer is Yes to that question then proceed in this article to learn if you can install your television above the fireplace. If you answered No
then well yes you can install any LCD or Plasma Television above your fireplace as long as the wall can support the mount and weight of
the television.
2.) Tape a thermometer above the fireplace on the mantel where you are going to install the television. Get the fire going full force. If it doesn’t
get above your TV manufactures recommended heat level then your good to go that’s usually 90 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer then
get the fireplace blazing hot and touch the wall above the fireplace if it warm to the touch your okay, if its hot to the touch then you
probably can’t install the television.
3.) One other consideration other than heat when mounting your LCD TV or Plasma TV above the fireplace is the mantel wall. You need
know if it’s a brick facade or if its actually part of the chimney. If its part of the chimney if you did the heat test it should have been hot.
Most houses built from the late 70’s on have a facade. If the fireplace has a brick facade then the heat is put into a small smoke stack that is
insulated from producing heat to the surrounding walls. This protects your paint from chipping and your dry wall from deteriorating.
4.) If your not sure call on a professional to determine if you can hang your television above the fireplace. HD Installers has installed more
televisions above fireplaces than any other company in the United States. So to answer your question is it okay to put my plasma or flat panel
LCD TV above the fireplace? The answer is Yes most of the time. HD Installers would never install a big screen plasma or LCD TV above the
fireplace if we determine its unsafe. If HD Installers can’t hang it above your fireplace safely no one can.
5.) Have a backup plan. 98% of the time we have absolutely no problem installing the TV above the fireplace. If we determine its not safe
to install the flat panel LCD TV or Plasma television above the fireplace we will still install it anywhere else in the house you want it.
Homes, Hotels, Office Buildings, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, and all venues | commercial and residential in Houston, Texas are real showplaces! We have done it all many places and thousands of satisfied customers. Why not really make it special with a Home Theater System from TVIH! Home Theater Systems can beautify your home. As there are many different options based on your budget, you can start out with a 27” TV, a DVD Player, a stereo system, and speakers all the way up to high-end projectors with a powerful speaker system that the neighbors can hear!
The Home Theater professional at TV Installation Houston have a vast knowledge of the latest products on the market to ensure that you get the best products available. Plus, We are very skilled with the installation of any Home Theater. When we are finished with the installation of your new Home Theater, you will have something that all of your friends and family will be very pleased with. 80% of our business are returning customers and referrals !



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The goal with any Home Theater from TV Installation Houston is your complete satisfaction with the installation accessories and products-merchandise. Our Home Theater Entertainment professionals have developed Home Theater Systems that their customers love and rave about. TVIH will also completely set up your new Home Theater in Houston, Texas including calibrating the sound system creating a theater like sound to your room. They will also make sure that the video equipment is perfectly placed in the room for optimal viewing. We have built our reputation on hard work, dedication, and exceptional service but most important our talent! The owner and leader of TVIH was born to do this, artist of our industry! A STAR in his own right!
If you ever have any questions or opportunities after your Houston, Texas Home Theater is installed, TVIH is just a phone call away. They have been in business for 6 years and will be here for many years to come.

TV INSTALLATION HOUSTON provides a warranty on all labor guaranteed. Each product sold by TVIH comes with a full manufactures warranty. (ask us for details and or if you are covered)
There is no other company that can provide the level of attention to detail, quality of workmanship, simplicity of operation and affordability that We Can Offer. At TVIH we are in the business of


To have TV Installation Houston come to your Houston, Texas home or business for a consultation, please give them a call at 713-858-4108 or reach them through .
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