Apple Carplay: Smartphones Take to the Road (Finally!)

With so many new audio products on the move, it seems as though advancements with smartphones on the car ¬†front has been somewhat neglected. Well not anymore, Apple has recently announced an iOS system that caters especially to your car and lets you have all the smart capabilities you need to relish that morning commute. Presenting Carplay, a system that will link your iphone 5S, 5C, or 5 right to your vehicle’s dash controls.

How it Works:

To break it down, your iphone will work as the brains of your system, your car will become your touchscreen and speakers. What you will be able to do is play music, access maps and traffic information as well as messaging. The Carplay will support apps like iheartradio and Spotify so you can jam out to all your favorite playlists.

Who Gets it:

Carowners of models like Ferrarri, Volvo or Mercedes-Benz might be the earliest to get their hands on the Apple Carplay. It is scheduled to debut at The Geneva Autoshow and compatible models will be available as early as this year. Apple has also announced models like Honda, Hyundai and Jaguar are going to be following in suit.The only models without known plans to jump in line with the Carplay are Audi, Chrysler and Volkswagen (and we’re hoping they get the memo soon!).

Vehicle Integration is quickly becoming a hot target for Apple and Google among other smartphone companies. With driverless vehicles on the horizon it will soon be a viable place to sit back, relax and enjoy streaming media on the go. What you can expect for the moment is major leaps in audio quality, new features and convenient controls. If you’re looking for more information on Carplay or if you’re in need of assistance with your current sound system, we will help find the best ways to integrate your smartphone into your vehicle. Contact Houston Installation today and get saddled up with the perfect audio setup for your best commute ever.

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