Many people have been dreaming to have media with more clarity delivered over fiber optic cables. This dream is coming to reality. The transmission of much larger and more bandwidth intensive 4K video is offered by Celebrity. Celebrity is offering a fiber solution that will support 4K and run up to 1000 feet. This is great news to many since it has been a bother while watching your TV and you see a black display screaming “No Signal”. You will also no longer experience drop-outs and sparkles. 4K streaming delivers more clarity to your video and other media to an extent that brings a very immersive experience.

Fiber optic cabling carries huge amount of data over an ultra-thin cable, but it requires special tools and can be tricky to field-terminate. The Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box uses a send module at the source end, a receiver model at the display side and various lengths of pre-terminated fiber optic cabling in between. This enables it to carry 4K video at 60Hz, IR, RS232, USB HID, and 10/100Base-T Ethernet up to 1000 feet!

Making perfect working connection is easy for the installer because the fiber is pre-terminated. The installation time is also reduced greatly so when you purchase the control box, the system will be up and running within no time. The traditional HDMI cabling is used at both the source and display side to complete the connection chain. Fiber technology offers speed and efficiency since it relies on light pulses that travel at very high speeds.

These Gateway Control Boxes come in different form factors that can be mixed and matched for each application. 100 feet of fiber costs $500, while the Gateway Control Boxes cost $180 for each or $360 for the set.

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