Design vs. Equipment: How to Create Harmony in Your Home Theater Cinema

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Lets face it, all theater rooms were not created equal, so what if your chosen room is a little bit less than ideal? As we’ve said before, the perfect theater room isn’t just about having the latest and greatest A/V equipment on the market, or even about having the most lavish and luxurious interior, but rather a harmonious balance of both. For the most logical layout armored with the best overall quality inside and out; the design should come into play first, with your A/V equipment following second. Every theater room is uniquely situated with different needs. For instance, how to plan around a room that is smaller than the typical theater room? A 6 ft. 11 inch ceiling is used in this predicament, with the client desiring a total of six seats. This is exactly the scenario Toronto-based designer Robyn Clarke faced, but with the right designer, all your negatives can transform into positives.

 In order to make the screen viewable for all six seats, two levels were created with the top level placed against the back wall. A low rise step was used to create more head room in the top level where the lower ceiling might have posed a problem. In order to achieve optimal surround audio, the layout would have to be detailed carefully. The in-ceiling speakers would have to be closer to the seating than normal but the end result was flawless with the sound appearing to come from the back of the theater, rather than at the top. Because of the well thought out surround speakers, the room actually appeared larger. An LED backlit ebony stone wall was what the clients envisioned so steps were taken to ensure the perfect theatric amibance with lighting on the steps and backlit wall. The accoustical equipment was discreetly stashed in an outside closet to be kept from obscuring space and stylish studded panel walls provided the accoustic sound.

 To make all the magic happen, the AV equipment was prepped for audio perfection. One of the first residential Sony VPL-VW90ES 3D projectors was installed for the theater. Also, a Pioneer Elite AVR for processing and a Cinepro MK-5 multichannel amp operated the LCR and surround channels. A 12-inch Sunfire True EQ signature subwoofer provided a hefty dose of bass. The media lineup included only the top-notch essentials: an Apple TV, Sony Playstation 3 for Blu-Ray, and a Wii console for games. Just off the theater, in a separate music/whisky lounge, a swanky spot for entertaining and drinks is convenient and fun. A retro theme seamlessly blends a Reference RM-200 amp with vintage tubes and VPI Scout turntable. A striking accent wall acts as the centerpiece of the room, assisted by dim, lounge style lighting.

 The end result of this brilliantly crafted theater is one that serves as an entertaining escape and performs just as beautifully as it looks.If you’re struggling with balancing proper design elements with your electrical equipment, we know just the the right professionals to give your home cinema a facelift, us, of course! Contact us TV installation Houston today and get your home cinema spiffed up the right way! 

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