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Dolby Atmos vs. Dolby Atmos

A new and developed generation of sound was introduced in April 2012 by Dolby Atmos, which is a kind of surround sound system. Its rapid growth and pervasiveness, convert it to a standard for cinema-sound. Nowadays it can also be integrated into our home theater systems. Dolby Atmos creates a truly immersing and lifelike audio in the cinema industry. With the new features and tools, Dolby Atmos improves the mix, distribution and playback of films. Its flexibility and the power of dynamic audio objects with the ability of sound rendering, helps the movie makers to place discrete sound elements within the soundscape, with no respect to specific playback loudspeaker configurations. “Postproduction process” is the new efficiency in Dolby Atmos that provides the sound mixers with efficient capture of their intent to generate Dolby Surround in real time.

There are some features that have a significant effect on the excellence of Dolby Atmos. The main three of them are, overhead sound, improved audio quality and timbre matching as well as greater spatial control and resolution. The ability to hear sound from overhead allows us to achieve the sense of realism through the surround system. In comparison with the traditional multichannel systems and surround loudspeakers, Dolby Atmos core benefits from an improved audio quality without concern about timbre matching. In order to give a more realistic experience to the audience, it directs the sounds that are difficult to reproduce, to a single speaker and eliminates the artifacts of array reproduction. Dolby Atmos with its increased surround resolution enables us to use sound in a room-centric approach that supports the onscreen action better than Dolby Surround system, which is viewer position dependent.

If you are interested to install a Dolby Atmos into your home theater system and make use of such an immersing technology, Dolby Atmos Home Theater Installation Guidelines will give you valuable information about its configurations. However, you have an opportunity to take the advantage of a professional team like TV Installation Houston that is always ready to make this process very easy for you and help you to sense a real cinema in your home.

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