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At the beginning, there was almost nothing but mono. As we human beings have a strong desire to develop, we have invented stereo sound and this is where things became more complicated. The standard so far has been 5.1 but do we have to question 5.1 now since Dolby Atmos appeared?

While more complex and sophisticated audio sound systems appear, consumers might be confused and ask themselves if the technical specifications of their current surround system are sufficient to enjoy high quality sound. We always suggest to remaining calmed, because you purchased a very good system, it worked before and it will also work well in the future.

Well, it is not the first time 5.1 has been challenged. A good surround system consists of two front channels, a center channel and two surrounds. With the extension of back-surround channels and debut in THX Surround EX, there was the question if the 7.1 system would replace the 5.1. The issue became so serious, that manufacturers were persuaded to replace their five-channel models with seven-channel models. However, we have a good news. It was suggested, that back-surround channels were not that significant as expected. Therefore, the 5.1 remains as the minimum configuration, which is closest to home surround sound.

On the other side, the appearance of Dolby Atmos had a considerable impact on the way, we are able to enjoy music and movies now. Dolby Atmos represents a major progress in sound technology. It moves surround sounds in theaters and in homes. Thereby, the sound mixing shifts from channel-based to object-oriented. This allows the mixer to position sounds anywhere and not limiting them to specific speaker positions only.

Atmos-enables speakers are great. So what is the best way to enjoy Atmos in your home? Up to 24 speakers on the floor and 10 ceiling speakers can be supported by Atmos. Might be possible that you want to fall back on 5.1 as this was easy to setup, but do not worry. Dolby suggests an alternative suggestion of a 5.1.4 configuration.
So, once it will work out, is that the moment when your 5.1 sound system becomes obsolete? Not really. It all depends on you. Having Atmos at home would be superb, but requires a higher budget, more space and more information overhead with high commitment. For example, going from analog to digital was a huge step forward. Same applies to moving from 2.0 to 5.1. If you compare Atmos with 5.1, the improvements are more subtle and more of an incremental nature. Moreover, most of the technical specs of Atmos are also present in a 5.1 system.
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