How Do you Make Your Outdoor Music Happen?

Summertime calls for lots outdoor social events such as barbeques, pool parties and more. With all these fun-filled social gatherings in full swing, and the weather feeling like perfection outside, only one thing could make it better. That’s right, music. Outdoor music is crucial to set the mood of your atmosphere and as it turns out, many of you agree. A recent poll in Sound Vision asked ”What is your outdoor audio setup like?” About a third of voters responded saying they had hard-wired systems already, the others were a little bit more creative. Many outdoor music lovers definitely need a way to improve their sound quality. More specific results gave us these details:

36% voters had a hard-wired system installed permanently in their backyard, under the eaves or elsewhere.

14% Have a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker outside that they use to stream music from a cellphone.

10% Set up a Sonos speaker or similar audio on the patio and stream their tunes from Pandora, Spotify ect.

9% Run wires from their indoor speakers to their patio and then connect another speaker outside.

8% Have no need to share the wealth, they prefer solo jammin’on an iPod or MP3 player via headphones or earbuds.

8% Have installed weather-proof speakers that blend in with their landscape.

7% What are outdoor Speakers? I just move my indoor speakers by the window and turn it up nice and loud.

7% Have weather-proof speakers plus an in-ground subwoofer to get those outdoor beats bumping. 

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