Is it Worth the Hype?: The Black Diamond G2 4K

The “dark ages” of watching movies in your home theater surrounded by absolute darkness to receive a picture from your projector screen, are coming to a close, and thankfully so. Forget staggering through the dark as you make your way in and out of the theater room, Screen Innovations has the solution we’ve all been waiting for. Presenting a new model called the Black Diamond G2 4K, which is a new and improved version of the earlier May 2011 model they released known as the Black Diamond II HD. In a nutshell, the G2 4K can withstand ambient lighting in the room while still giving you a sufficient picture, in turn, allowing you to interact more with your guests as well as eliminate any stumbling. So while this all sounds very magical, what about the “cons”? The verdict is picture does work best with carefully plotted lighting and it significantly dims from the side to center screen.

So is it worth shelling out the extra dough? $2,899 to be exact, you be the judge. In a particular experiment, a sample Screen Innovations was released, we will give you all the nitty gritty details so that you can make the decision for yourself. Starting with the set-up, the G2 proved to be a simple installation, it came with a flat, wide and fixed frame that was covered in fancy black velvet. The screen stayed fixed using small, bungee-like rubber bands. The Black Diamond G2 also offers the seamless advantage of a zero edge frame and includes alternate models that include features such as backlighting, curved options, as well as a retractable version. In a completely darkened the room, the G2 performed at high levels with great contrast, saturated color and impeccable detail. In a comparison sample, using a face-off between the Studiotek 100, the G2 was found to have 15% more gain than the stated 1.4 using the same projector settings. As far as sitting straight on in a darkened room and using a full white field as a source image, the center screen was found to be brighter than the sides, but not overwhelmingly so. There also seemed to be a sparkly quality in the center of the picture but again, not a deal breaker. When sitting too far off center even in a dark room, the center screen has a brighter cast that is visible at any drastic angle, the farther you are from a certain angle the dimmer it will be.

To summarize G2’s advantages over a conventional screen, the results are most noticeable when viewing bright program material such as a news broadcast or sports channels. For the die-hard football lover, you might find the merit in these small edges if you don’t mind the slight dimming effect. Movie lovers might find a better result if they limit the ambient light to only limited overhead, rather than directly onto the screen itself. In conclusion, the G2 proved a worthy opponent for those looking for a dual solution that can work wonders in the dark but can also perform reasonably with ambient lighting intact. From a quality viewing standpoint, it is clear that this screen or a conventional one, will provide the best picture in a totally darkened room. Don’t take our advice on the G2, the best way of making a conclusion of your own is contacting TV Installation Houston for all of your home theater needs. Contact TV Installation Houston today, click here!

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