Multi-room Audio: Music as Accessible as Air

If your life was a concert, what would the melody be? Hold that thought and read on..The video and audio scene seemed to have lagged behind cutting-edge technology for a good twenty years or so, but luckily, the last five years have more than made up for slow-moving progress. Thanks to breakthrough advancements such as Apple’s iphone, ipods and other smart phones and handheld devices; the catch-up game has been a hefty undetaking and a demanding one at that. Milestones such as VCRs, camcorders, DVDs, High-defintion and HD players have slowly phased into one another but recent advancements have been set on full-throttle. One of the most notable achievements bred out of this turbo technology era, has been the multiroom wireless audio. We know what you’re thinking right about now, you’re thinking..Sonosound. The biggest reason that we have to give credit where it’s due, is that Sono was the first to develop and perfect this type of audio 2002.

Sonos wasn’t widely recognized right away for the brilliantly schemed product, and originally Bluetooth and Airplay were given the first go in the spotlight. To this day, the two have failed to live up to their hype and have yet to prove quality streaming capabilites from one room to another. If you missed the memo, Sonos has gone over and above to provide you with hifi speakers that can be placed in every room and streamed from one dedicated wireless network. The result? Crystaline and precision audio from the kitchen to the bedroom, without missing a beat. Apps like Spotify and Pandora have made it that much cheaper to access all your favorite music, without having to pay any outrageous fees. For those who truly need a soundtrack to their life, Sonos and other systems like it provide an audophile outlet that is truly a landmark in audio technology. Newly developed competitors that aren’t far behind in multiroom audio include Bluesound, Bose and Samsung. Expect to see a lot of multiroom audio in the coming years and allow us to formally welcome you to the sound of the future.

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