Priceless Truths that Every Audio Addict Should Know

Before you get yourself sucked deep into the world of stereophilia, there is a few no-nonsense truths you should be advised of. Above all, remember that once you cross the border into the irrational obsession of supernatural sound, you might not ever come back. Take it from the stereo junkies, we wish someone would’ve warned us…

  1. Not all stereos are created equal, remember to do your homework and test a lot of speakers out when making a big purchase. Trust us, its worth the wait.

  2. Like people, no sound system is ever 100% perfect. In order to avoid disappointment, don’t expect perfection (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for it).

  3. Price delivers high performance but doesn’t deliver satisfaction; in other words, no sound is ever enough for the true stereophile.

  4. If you splurge too hard on your stereo system, you will spend more time paying it off than you will actually enjoying it.

  5. The true measure of reproduction is a product of someone’s distorted idealistic perception of what it should be. Go by your own standards, you are the only critic that will be listening to it everyday.

  6. Size doesn’t matter. Real men know it’s not in the measurement but the motion of the ocean, (Yep, we just said that).

  7. So-called “Concert Hall Sonic experts” have probably never even attended a concert, don’t let the big talk fool you.

  8. Small audio manufacturers that talk the big talk, are usually small manufacturers for a reason.

  9. The audio business is reserved for those with no lunch money and empty tummies, but a stereo full of sophistication.

  10. Short-lived tranquility is the only real prize in audio perfection.

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