Question of the Day: Can Your HT Receiver Go Wireless?

One question that is frequently asked among home theater users is the wireless capability of HT receivers. Say you’re moving, and you want to transfer your AV receivers and speakers to your new location without the hassle of rewiring. The answer is yes, there is a system that will allow you to forgo standard wiring by using a wireless transmitter.

This will only work if your AC receiver has line-level preamp outputs. You can use a product such as Monoprice’s Wireless Speaker system, it retails for about $89. This will allow you to send CD-like quality audio signals over its 2.4-gigahertz band. This can be achieved by running audio cables to the transmitter’s RCA jack inputs and speaker cables, from the wireless receiver outputs to your speakers. The only downside to this type of setup is that it will have limited power supply on the wireless receiver end. The Monoprice system can only transfer about 20 watts per channel and is stereo only. There is also the potential for interference problems because the 2.4 ghz band is already being used for Wifi.

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