Santa’s Most Wanted TV Sets for 2015

Get out your Christmas list and start takin’ notes! If the TV junkie on your list is a little bit of a snob when it comes to his or her flat screen wishes, we have just the models to please even the pickiest pixel prisses. At TV Installation Houston, we are hear to spill the Santa’s dirty little secrets on which top TV’s are making big screen dreams this season. And the holiday 2015 line-up is…


Samsung UN40EH6000 40-in LED LCD: $850

The Scoop: This well-rounded 40 incher does the job beautifully with full LED backlighting that doesn’t leave a streaky picture like most models in the edge-lit category. We would’ve gladly forked over the $800 but now its showing up online for a steal-worthy $600. The down-side? A slight irritation when it switches off the full back lighting to a black screen between commercials.

The verdict: This model more than makes up for its minor mishap with excellent color, delicate details and notable dark-scene uniformity credited to its full LED back lighting.


Vizio E601i-A3 60-in LCD: $1,000

The Scoop: The E601i-A3 offers a ultra thin screen that easily competes with the thinnest in the land, its also comes with built-in wi-fi with access to popular sites like Hulu Plus. It is also armed with a sport back-panel connection that won’t interfere with wall mounts. One reviewer describes its high-res offerings as “knife sharp yet natural image” as well as applaudable black-level performance.

The Verdict: The E601i-A3 offers the full package for a unbeatable value you couldn’t find at any price a few years ago.


Samsung PN51E550D1F 51-in 3D Plasma: $1,200

The Scoop: Get 3D capabilities for at a killer price, with the option for 2D to 3D conversion mode. Also built in is wifi for one-click access to Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu and other streaming services. The Superior color and flawless resolution alone are enough to have you sold on this model. Also, watch non HD content in better quality with optimal video processing.

The Verdict: Everything you need and more at a price that won’t suck your bank account dry.


Sony KDL-55HX850 55-in 3D LCD: $2,600

The Scoop: This TV doesn’t disappoint anywhere, so what are we missing? Maybe nothing. Praised by reviewers as one of the best 3D LCD HDTV’s that’s ever been tested, we think LG might have hit a home run with this one. This model offers supreme 2D resolution with a wider than average viewing angle in comparison to other LCDs. Top-notch video processing, and resolution control that brings out even the most minute enhancements, you can be sure cystaline pictures will be yours. Another major bonus is well-balanced sound, often hard to find in today’s sets. A load of web-based apps brings you everything from Twitter, Netflix to Skype. Hosting a party? Six whole sets of 3D glasses are yours to entertain guests.

The verdict: You can’t go wrong with this fully-loaded gem.


Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD 60-in 3D LED LCD: $6000

Sharp refines the Pioneer Kuro Plasmas left the market before we were ready to say goodbye and lands a breakthrough. This time teaming up with Pioneer, Sharp reintroduces The Elite, borrowing Pioneer’s technical expertise and bringing you the same quality. The first, fully-array local dimming LED LCD lands in the same league as the best plasmas out there. What happened is a little bit of magic in the world of technology, pristine color, endlessly deep blacks and extra bright 3D makes this set one that will deliver plenty of plasma envy.

The verdict: Worth the price tag for a faultless set that has all your bases covered for a good few years.

If you are ready to take home one of these stellar screens for the holidays, let us do the dirty work for you and install your new flat screen with perfect precision and care. At TV Installation Houston, we know the value of a proper installation. To get the most out of your purchase, contact us today to make sure your TV will stand the test of time.

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