The Big 4K: Bigger, Better and On the Way

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It’s time to mentally prepare yourself for something we have been talking about for months here at TV Installation Houston, something that starts with a 4 and ends with a K…That’s right, 4K is coming right at you! (literally) The long wait for a TV that can offer as many as 8 million pixels and slams the 1080p at nearly 4 times the resolution, is finally ready to make its grand debut. If you’re mouthing is hanging open right now and you can’t decide whether to break your old TV set and just get it over with already, hold the phone because there are still a few more juicy details we have left to spill. The Sony’s 84-inch XBR-84X900 4K LCD HDTV, priced at $25,000 will be one the first to reach select retailers across the country.

The dirty deets: A much talked about chip will analyze details at 1080p or lower and transforms them into 4K material. Considering 4K home viewing itself is still a long time in the making, currently only available in movie production and theaters, we are betting on this magical little chip to do the job. As to be expected with a TV of this caliber, built in Wifi with access to Pandora, Netflix, Hulu and 50+ sites on the Sony Network will be a staple feature. You can also connect to your TV via smartphone or tablet app, enabling you to control your own experience. Sound will also be of utmost importance, a thumping 50 watt, 10 speaker system with detachable side speakers and virtual 5.1 surround will have you bringing down the house (much to your neighbors dismay).

At the worldwide unveiling of this beauty, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai used some powerful words to describe the company’s ground-breaking 4K creation saying it “Virtually eliminates the line between television and reality to offer an unprecedented and revolutionary viewing experience. It’s so immersive that you simply will want to touch what is in front of you.” If those words aren’t enough to have you saving up the big bucks for this worthy splurge, then you may just have to watch and wait to get your own mind blown with the anxiously awaited drop of Sony’s 84-inch XBR-84X900 4K LCD HDTV. So, when you’ve got your 4K ordered, let the professionals at TV Installation Houston take care of the rest and install your new masterpiece for you!

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