The Big Screen Meets Sunny Skies

The only thing better than better than bringing home the big screen is a big screen right under the sky or stars for that matter, that’s exactly what a fun-loving Florida family decided to do to make their big screen dreams the perfect compliment to their everyday life. Since the family spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, lounging by the pool and backyard entertaining it seemed like a match made in heaven. The result of a unique, swim-up theater became so beautifully constructed that it looked almost effortless. The truth is, the project required a tireless 18 month-long commitment and extensive planning. Construction involved sealing the pool and relocating it as well as a new development of a pool house, projector and deck.

There were plenty of challenges along the way, including the cramped backyard space that presented itself as an instant hurdle. The design was one that had to utilize every square inch of the backyard’s space without taking away from the living space. The custom built projector shed became the solution to this problem, an air-conditioned and insulated structure that was built off the ground to conserve space and safely house the projector. The projector shed faced the new pool house on the opposite end of the pool. Inside this custom shed is a powerful Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 400 projector, the 5,500 lumens of light output make it the screen even visible by day. An inventive addition included a retractable bimini top that shades the sun from washing out the picture. The shed was built right up on the property line and attached to a fence, because of this limited access the electrical components were placed inside the new pool house for more convenient use.

Outside speakers took a larger than life approach to match the sound capacity with the stunning poolside set up. This included JBL Professional CBT 70J weather-proof speakers on either side of the screen accompanied by JBL outdoor subwoofers and 10 inch dual subwoofers to make for rock-star worthy parties and social gatherings. The pool house channels all of the control with an Elan g!Series HC4 System Controller and M86A audio and video controller that controls 4 different zones within the pool house. To simplify all of the different controls, all of these zones that include the theater system are connected into one feed that can be accessed through a Sono Server from the main house. The audio system as well as LED landscape lighting, poolhouse HVAC and equipment can be controlled wirelessly via ipad, or iphone using the system’s Elan g! Control system. This makes it easy to operate with a quick touch of a button from anywhere in the house. So far this innovative theater system has proved to be worth the work, the family describes it as ‘their own personal resort.’

If you are in the business for a crowd-pleasing theater system and looking for a creative way to entertain with state-of-the-art service and experienced professionals, don’t hesitate to call and make your dream a reality. Houston TV Installation will bring the big screen to you, any way you want it! Call today…

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