The Superbowl: The Prime Time to Buy a New TV

The Super Bowl is finally here and it’s time to gear up for the big party. Now that your favorite team is headed to the super bowl, how about an idea to amp up your existing home theater? Maybe along the lines of enhanced sound, better picture or both? Or if you simply don’t have one, now is the time to get your home theater surround sound set up and ready, just in time for kick-off. To get an action-packed installation, give us a call at TV Installation Houston (713)-858-4108 for all of your TV Home Theater Installation needs.

When it comes to shopping, consumers and retailers alike will find any reason to make up an excuse to buy. Cyber Monday, Martin Luther King Day, you get it..But when is the right time to splurge on a new set? It might come as no big surprise that 32% of TV purchases are made during super bowl season, more than Black Friday, Christmas or any other big shopping day of the year. Of course, these aren’t small purchases we’re talking about either. The spending statistics measure more than half of TV buyers spend less than $500. Only 14% spend less than $300, 34% spend $500-699, and 32% spending $700 and beyond. Point made, it’s time to get your eye on the ball, and get the most out of your TV setup for the day when all those little details and investments count the most, Superbowl Sunday.

TV isn’t good TV unless you can see crystal clear details that are as good as the tickets themselves. We want to see drops of sweat on the player’s faces and hear the rivalry trash talk firsthand. Out of these big spending consumers, there was definitely a front runner trend, 33% were in cahoots with Samsung. In fact, consumers were almost twice as likely to choose Samsung over other leading opponents such as Sony, (18%) LG (16%) and Vizio (14%). Only 4% were reported as buying a budget brand of TV. The 80% majority of these buyers also preferred top notch resolution, such as 1080p, as well as one third insisting that it also include “smart” capabilities. Only 6% plan on joining the 4K bandwagon and 14% are still content with buying a 720p TV. Another big money question, how does size matter to the average buyer? 45% of buyers seem to find the mid-size set the most agreeable, not too big and not too small, with sets that fall in the 40-54′ inch range. The other 31% go big or go home with a 55’inch or bigger and only 6% wanted a 70′ inch screen.

So, if you’re looking for that excuse, kinda like the one your wife gives you after she maxes out the credit card, here is your answer. Get your game on right this Sunday and give into to that TV you’ve been drooling over. Right now is the prime time to save money while letting the experts at TV Installation set it up in all its spectacular glory. Give us a call today, we will make sure you get that front row seat, right in your own living room!

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