Transform Your Outdoor Backyard to a Custom TV Installation

If you’re the type that loves being in the great outdoors but wish you could have all your indoor luxuries along with it, the good news: Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! More frequently than ever before, the technology-addicted are taking to the open air with their entertainment needs and enjoying the best of both worlds. What if you could have all your parties in the mother nature’s very own magical atmosphere? (No designer necessary!) There is nothing like hosting summer BBQ parties or listening to music while swimming or chilling poolside. Here’s how TV and audio lovers are making their own dreams a reality.

One reader amazed us with his DIY skills and used his clever resourcefulness that will enlighten techy types everywhere. Here’s how he did it! So say you have a projector and an indoor screen, but you aren’t about to drag it through the mud for one night? Our reader created his own temporary outdoor cinema, the provisions he used were pretty impressive. He hung a 20 ft diagonal projector screen simply using two king-size sheets sewn together, pairing it with his Infocus projector. In order to protect his Electro Voice Eliminator speakers, he used plastic bags.

Another family, the Stewart’s, who had fallen in love with traditions of outdoor music and wanted to give their setup a modern update are a perfect example of an enviable, high-functioning outdoor system. They used a premium installation to accompany their memorable outdoor get-togethers for better efficiency and quality. This involved various wall mountings placed strategically around the patio, using Sonance Mariner 300’s to get the perfect sound harmony in check. The Hicksons also used 15 inch Rockustics Subrocks covered in foliage to complete the low bass. This is a great alternative to regular speakers especially if you are really aiming for that natural appeal. Weather resistant keypads were added for basic system control which were mounted in a weather resistant box as well. The highlight of the Hickson’s system wasn’t the way is seamlessly blended into nature but the beautiful sound that everyone could enjoy.

Whether your in a mission to throw a killer summer party, want to play tunes poolside or watch your favorite sports while lounging in the hot tub or outdoor kitchen, your dream is our dream. It might be easier than you think to have your own custom outdoor system installed. Contact our TV Installation Houston professionals today; get a quick quote or even discuss your schemes and dreams with us for your own, specialized outdoor installation!

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