Triad InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub and RackAmp 350 DSP Subwoofer Amp

Triad is well-known for their superior architectural speakers and not just because of the unbeatable sound quality and tuning. Triad’s speakers are always built-to-order and brand, spanking new when they arrive at the dealer’s warehouse. Think of them as the BMW of speakers if you will, you simply can expect top of the line quality with this brand. Triad’s owner, Larry Pexton uses the recognizable color scheme of bronze, gold and silver to give the speakers a signature style you can’t mistake, even at first sight.

The company recently releases a Bronze/ 4 Slim Sub with Rackamp 350 DSP for a killer duo that ensures the Triad seal of approval. The detailed engineering is clearly apparent as usual and the versatile size makes it a standard installation for most wall mounts. The easy fit is 3.94 inches deep and 13.5 inches wide. The sealed cabinet is of spectacular craftsman, about as durable as cement with a 10 inch aluminum core driver. If you’re looking for a special fit, the duo comes in three versions: wide, narrow and frameless. The Triad’s acoustimesh grille, which is typically white can also be custom painted upon preference. So what about the triad’s booming counterpart? In a nutshell, the 350-watt rackamp has a whole lot of bang for the buck. It is designed to plug and play out of the box and offers an array of custom features. The startling ouput measures at 30 to 100 Hz +/–0.5 decibels. A built-in two channel crossover allows you to control bass management and set time alignment. The result leaves you with a very high-end feeling two channel system.

The installation itself is hardly worth mentioning other than it operates using 4 “retrobrackets”.These can be adjusted for a vertical or horizontal installation. It can be described as a sandwich when you attach the grille frame to the speaker using 4 screws and “sandwiching” the wallboard between the speaker and frame. The main purpose is to obscure as much sound and noise vibrations as possible with more emphasis on sound clarity. The installation might appear a little challenging at first, but once its done you can except a solid, no-fuss mounting that you can trust. With the right kind of computer expertise, you might be able to custom tweak the sound to your liking and fine-tune if necessary. If you’re looking for unsurpassed tuning, we highly suggest the Triad InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub and RackAmp 350 DSP Subwoofer. At a reasonable retail price of $1,400 Triad offers a great in-wall speaker that can easily compete with high-end competitors at a much more modest price tag.

If you are interested in this duo and need the proper assistance, our professionals at TV installation Houston can help adjust your subsystem to perfection. Contact us today to get your beats rolling the right way!

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