$18 20ft.HDMI CABLE 1.3b FULL HD 1080p GOLD TIP

20ft. HDMI CABLE 1.3b FULL HD 1080p GOLD TIP


Reinforced quad-layer braided shielding and Mylar-foil shielding provides utmost protection against RF and EM interference.
24K Gold plated connector for the best conductivity and to ensure lossless data transmission.
Heavy Duty PVC Connector that cuts out any unwanted RF interference.
The metal housing also provides great protection for the connectors.
HDMI 19 pins/ HDMI 19 pins design specs.
Heavy Duty PVC outer shielding.


Certified Version 1.3b HDMI CL2 transfers at 10.2 Gigabytes per second. This will be a top of the line cable for a long time.
Supports 1080p Full HD picture quality and Supports up to 1600p (future proofed)
Category 2 Certified, Oxygen Free Copper Vapor-Infused catalyst
Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution
Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable
Full HDMI 1.3b support 340Mhz Bandwidth ready.
Manufactured by authorized HDMI adapter which ensure this cable is manufactured to the standards set by HDMI association.
100% Certified with HDMI standards by HDMI Licensing LLC.
This Certificate is owned only by a handful of companies around the world and certifies manufacturer’s ability to produce true
HDMI quality cables.

Color: Black
Cable Length: 20Ft Long
For use with PS3, Blu Ray Players, Xbox360 Elite, HD Cable, Dish Receivers and all other device with HDMI input.
Condition: Brand New.

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